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Colour is a science all on its own, and is another extremely important element that interior designers master. It has the ability to create mood, define unity and alter the perception of how large or small a space is.

The psychology of colour shouldn’t be underestimated, and will be used to full advantage by any skilled interior designer. Colour can evoke memories and stir emotions, stimulating a physical and psychological response in our bodies. For example, greens and blues entice calmness and are suited to bedrooms, whereas red entices appetite and therefore often features in kitchens.

When considering the colour of a room, first think about what the room will be used for and the activities that will occur in that space. Secondly, consider how both natural and artificial lighting will affect your selected colour across the day and night, given that light can alter our colour perception. Finally, consider the size of the space. Interior designers will often incorporate lighter or brighter colours in smaller spaces to give the illusion of more space. Darker colours can give a powerful dimension to a larger space.

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Article by: collaborativepractice

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